Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Day 24~Kitty's favorite Spot

Kitty loves to lay in front of the fire and air his gut out in the warmth of the fireplace.. Besides his food bowl and my bed this is his favorite spot..

Monday, January 23, 2012

Day23~Bake Shop

I told my kids maybe I should start selling my baked goods~ Of course they said NO!!!!!!!! Of course they want to eat them.. Today it was banana bread and they wanted Chocolate chips in it so that is what went in the bread.. The house smelled heavenly. I love to bake

Day 22~Back to Normal

I am the gal who if she had a fake tree it would be up at least until February~ back to normal this past weekend at the Lesko household

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Day21~ On the Ice for about 8 hours

Nothing would stop my son Ryan from being out on the pond on Hockey Day in MN with his hockey buds, his mom and people he did not know, then go practice for an hour and a half.. The kids played pick up hockey all day long.. It was awesome to see the varying of their ages and the willingness to all play together for the love of Hockey.. made me smile

Day20~ Our pets

We love our pets at the Lesko House

Friday, January 20, 2012

Day 19~ Alex Mites and the Big Boys

My last year skating in between periods at the Varsity Game, with  my Alex. I loved how the Varsity Boys came back out and went to the bench for these Mites,, good role models............

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Day16~The Help

Keith and I watched this movie on MLK day. Two of my children had school so we watched it after Keith dropped them off. I can say this, I already read the book and loved it.. The movie touched my inner soul so deep, it was such a powerful movie that moved me deeply.. wondering how people can be so ignorant? How color was not an issue in peoples minds.. I loved it!

Day15~ Beautiful AM

Day15~ beautiful this am

Day14~Red Support

Day14~ Today was a day filled with a lot of people opening up their hearts and souls... The emotion on some people's faces was so real and heartwarming. Please keep Jack and his family in your prayers. Thank you also to Terri.

Day13~I see you

Day13~ I see you... He was eyeing up Jackie in the foreground and was in his glory sniffing his back;).

Day12~My goaltender

Day12~ My goaltender... For the day. My baby Alex took his turn in nets tonight and I thought he did awesome~ I don't have to worry about becoming a goalie mom though since he doesn't want the gig full time~ he said too much pressure;) gotta love him;

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Day11~A little cheat and Birthday Celebrations

The Girls celebrated Terri's birthday and I actually took this photo the night before, I know, I know. We had a great time celebrating with a yummy dinner and great company.. Nothing like the laughter of friends...

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Day10~My favorite boys and the Wild Game

Today my boys, ALL my boys ventured out to the Wild game courtesy of the Larson Family, Thank you.. They were so excited to go.. I snapped these before they left. WOOHOO, now off I go to celebrate TT's birthday..
All my guys, I love them!!!!!!!!


I took this photo with my cat that my son put his hat on, something silly, goofy and with my phone camera.


We are the CHAMPIONS, this is all i need to say and it was great battling to win 4-1 over the #1 team in the State!!
It was such a great day
I will leave you with more than one on this day.. #13


The teams before the game watching that went into OT


Yes they are #1

Coach Grode inspired

Day7~The Support

As we pulled into the restaurant, we all were blown away by the support once again remembering to keep Jack in your thoughts and prayers. I do not need to write much for this day...

Day6~Doing it for Jack

Well the Eden Prairie Eagles pulled off a great win playing a very competitive WBL team, it was a great game and I took this picture of Ree after the game in the lobby of the arena. Before each game we had a moment of silence for Jack and the boys played their hearts out..

Friday, January 6, 2012

The Sunset Chaser~ Day 5

I know the challenge is a photo a day, but hey i took a lot yesterday. Yesterday was wear white for Jack and all three of my children wore white and supported Jack. He is in our thoughts and hearts and prayers..
I was taking Ryan to get a sweatshirt at the mall and and the sunset was gorgeous! All who know me know i love sunsets and sunrises. Well I pulled over into flying cloud field and opened my sunroof and took a ton of photos with my phone camera. I explained to Ryan I HAVE IT, i will be on a reality show and it will be titled The Sunset Chaser~ it will chronicle me and my love for sunsets and also look at my lovely boys~ he laughed. I thought hey why not?? They have reality shows about such silly things.. which i do not watch..
I will leave you with three photos today.. Did not post yesterday because I was watching one of my fav movies.. with my kids, Remember the Titans.. Love it!  #13

Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Day 4/365~ Beautiful Sunrise on an Important Day

Funny how you do not need to know people to have your life deeply moved in a way that it is heartwrenching and powerful.. I am talking of Jack Jablonski, the hockey player paralyzed by a hit and is having surgery today.. I was up early, the house was quiet,Jonny was gone already and i was reading his journal update from his parents and saw through a reflection the beauty outside.. I thought God is present and with this family and entire hockey community. I am AMAZED at the guestbook entries and visit to his page on caringbridge. God be with him and his brother and his parents. As my dear friend Julianne said, She thinks his guardian angel is his brother. Godspeed..
This was taken from my sliding glass door from the deck..

Day3/365~ Beautiful Ree

Hi there my photo for Day Three was my sweet, sensitive handsome middle son. He had just gotten home from school and was eating(what else is new) and he was asking about Alex and myself, we were not feeling well that day.. He just looked so adorable I said HANG ON, i have to take a picture!

Day2/365~Beautiful Sunset

Here is day 2 of 365. It was a gorgeous sunset that i captured, I first saw it from inside the house and ran out with my camera. I have been known to chase sunsets =))


I am embarking on the 365 day challenge and my goal is to add on here and link up on FB, I figured that is what i would like to do... so here was my day 1 that i posted on fb and then i was sick on day 2 night and yesterday so i will play catch up.. I however took those pictures on those days! i am hoping i can do this.. This was my bread that i absolutely love and it is sooooooo yummy and easy.. It was a cooking day along with Stuffed Cabbages and Bean Soup

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Hi here is a photo of my naughty cat, Charlie, he loves to get into all kinds of trouble..even at 630 in the morning. He is a great cat who I always say God mixed up.. Put his dog soul into a cat body..

Thanks for stopping by.. and head on over to   http://www.iheartfaces.com/2011/12/photo-challenge-pets-2/ to see all the fabulous entries.


Hi here is a photo of my naughty cat, Charlie, he loves to get into all kinds of trouble..even at 630 in the morning. He is a great cat who I always say God mixed up.. Put his dog soul into a cat body.. 

Thanks for stopping by.. and head on over to   http://www.iheartfaces.com/2011/12/photo-challenge-pets-2/

Thursday, October 20, 2011


The last three days here in Minnesota have showcased serious beauty at the end of the day with the gorgeous sunsets. I have not blogged much but thought theses worthy to share.. Something about sunsets makes me appreciate my life and the people in it, not the things so much at all. I am sure it gets me thinking the real reason I am here..

Thursday, August 18, 2011

Teammates and brothers

This weekend will be a weekend spent with our hockey family, we spent last weekend with them as well. We have become a tight knit group, the kids are great and the parents are awesome! We had a bit of drama on our team but I believe the situation will make the team that much stronger..
The setting~ Christmas Lake
The participants~ 25 or so adults and a ton of kids. It was a beautiful night. The landscape of our team may change and some will move on but the times we have spent together have been the best.

My middle child, turns 11 tomorrow and since we do not have any family here in MN, the next best thing is spending it with these same adults and same ton of kids this weekend! I will leave you with pictures.
I appreciate them all and I smile at a lot of these pictures..